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Meyerovich Gallery
20th Anniversary Celebration:

Brief History of the Gallery

Gallery: Meyerovich Gallery
251 Post Street, Fourth Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108
Phone: 415.421.7171, Fax: 415.421.2775
Hours: Monday through Friday: 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Saturday: 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Contacts: Jenine Marie Wolfe


Meyerovich Gallery
20th Anniversary Celebration

Meyerovich Gallery is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and we’re commemorating this with an exciting fall season, presenting the following exhibitions:

Part I, Modern Art: “Picasso at Meyerovich” September 20 – November 20, 2006
Twenty years ago, Meyerovich Gallery’s first exhibit was “Picasso: Rare Prints,” which presented works from the artist’s estate. “Picasso at Meyerovich” will again join forces with Marina Picasso to make another very special exhibition in San Francisco.

Part II, Contemporary Art: “Grisha Bruskin: Metamorphosis & Mysticism”
November 2 – January 5, 2007
Grisha Bruskin is one of the most important and successful Russian artists in the world. “Bruskin creates cyclical depictions combining image with script in which Jewish spirituality and religiosity take on a compelling form for which there is no comparison in contemporary art” (Art of the 20th Century; Volume I; Taschen; 2005). This will be the fourth exhibition of his works at Meyerovich Gallery.
In celebration of Meyerovich Gallery’s 20th anniversary and the Grisha Bruskin exhibition we will have an opening night event on Thursday, November 9, 2006 at the gallery. This event will be hosted by Meyerovich Gallery together with the Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco. The artist, Grisha Bruskin, and his wife Alexandra will attend this celebration.

Since 1986, Meyerovich Gallery has specialized in paintings, sculpture, and works on paper by modern and contemporary masters. The gallery has had the honor of representing such contemporary masters as Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella, David Hockney, Jim Dine, Robert Rauschenberg, Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Motherwell, James Rosenquist, Donald Sultan, Sam Francis, Alex Katz, Lynn Chadwick, and Grisha Bruskin, as well as modern masters such as Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse, and Raul Dufy. The gallery’s exhibitions also include paintings, sculptures, drawings, and collages by contemporary California artists Matt Phillips, Guy Dill, Ron Tatro, and Mitch LaPlante, among others. Meyerovich Gallery has a strong tradition of high-quality exhibitions and of working directly with artists and their estates. In its 20 years the gallery has produced many museum-quality, one-man exhibitions of leading 20th century American and European artists; many of these exhibitions featured works brought to the West Coast for the first time.

Located in the heart of San Francisco, Meyerovich Gallery has always been deeply immersed in the affairs of the Bay Area community by actively supporting the de Young Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Jewish Family and Children Services, Best Buddies California, and several educational organizations. Mr. Alex Meyerovich was the president of the San Francisco Art Dealers Association (SFADA) for three years.

Mr. Meyerovich was born in Riga, Latvia. In 1974, he received his PhD in engineering from Riga Polytechnic Institute. In 1980, Alex immigrated to San Francisco with his immediate and extended family. He became a highly accomplished acoustical research engineer at Bechtel until his passion for art led him to open a gallery in 1986.

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